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Creche Summer Camps

The Creche Preschool will be offering two summer camps this year. Both camps will be two week camps. The Cost for each camp is: $600 if paid after May 4, 2021.

Enrolling Now

Enrollment is open for the 2021 – 2022 school year.  Our enrollment application is available here.   The enrollment deadline for first consideration is February 21, 2021 for the 2021- 2022 school year. Please fill out our Enrollment Application and mail or scan (all addresses are at the bottom of the application) it to St. Francis Creche.  AContinue reading “Enrolling Now”

A Precious Christmas Pageant

Our Creche teachers, Susan Gardiner and Taryn Rivers, brought the magic of Christmas to their Learning Pod families on Sunday December 13th! It was complete with costumes provided by the parents, a perfect outdoor setting and wonderful Christmas singing! The two-year-old pod students, with the help of older siblings and Creche Alumni, performed “The ChristmasContinue reading “A Precious Christmas Pageant”

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