Creche Happenings March 7-11

Creche Happenings March 7-11

We have had such an incredibly fun week at the Creche this week! We started our After School Program, and the students have had so much fun!!!

In the Art Plus Class the children learned about the artist Matisse and created artwork that was similar to the artist’s style.

Dance Class was precious! The children learned some basic dance moves and ended the class with a “Freeze Dance”!

The Processed Art Class was a creative and messy art experience that the children just LOVED! They created their own unique masterpieces, and they giggled the entire time!

Science Class was all about Space! The children learned about the planets in the Solar System and made a solar system of their own! They learned about rockets, thrust and gravity and had rocket competitions with their handmade rockets that they blew up into the air with straws!

We cannot wait to see what is in store for these little ones next week!